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Art Muse Afterschool

K to 5th Grades
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$100/month,  $5/time
Program Director Peter Han has been teaching for the past 10 years as a certified public school teacher, private institution teacher, and private tutor.

An Education Major from Teachers College at Columbia University, Peter believes in the importance of student-centered learning, where students take part in invigorating their own learning experience.

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art Classes

When adding art classes to Afterschool


Homework Help

At Art Muse, we are serious about homework. Here, it's not just about completing the work that's assigned by the teachers but ensuring that students understand the topic at hand.

Our certified teaching staff do not simply check for completion but also checks to see if the students have a firm grasp of their work.


Reading / Writing

Studies show time and again the importance of reading. Students at Art Muse learn how to express ideas and formulate complex thoughts by reading level-appropriate books, discussing with the teacher about them, then writing summaries and their own thoughts about what they have read.


STEM Learning

Art Muse provides students with experiences in STEM through problem-based assignments that utilize Lego, Scratch coding software, and other materials to gain hands-on experience in solving STEM-related problems.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

The Department of Education has acknowledged the importance of SEL in helping students succeed in the classroom and beyond. We at Art Muse believe SEL to be a crucial step in helping students build a positive learning environment and mindset that will enhance their ability to focus on their academic tasks.

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