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Embark on an exciting journey with our enriching STEM + Art-focused summer school! Explore the dynamic fusion of Robotics, Engineering, Codings seamlessly blended with captivating Art projects to ignite creativity. Beyond the artistic realm, we prioritize academic excellence in math, ELA, reading, and writing to counter summer sliding. Join us for a summer of STEAM-powered learning, innovation, and academic growth!

STEM & ART Programs

  • Week 1    Coding 1 / Summer Landscape (Needle Felting Painting)
  • Week 2    Lego Engineering 1 / Yummy Lunch Box (Clay Modeling)
  • Week 3    Robotics / My Favorite Character (Pop Art Painting)
  • Week 4    My Dream Theme Park (Physics & Engineering)  
  • Week 5    Coding 2 / Rubber Block Print Making (Relief Sculpture)
  • Week 6    Lego Engineering 2 / My Mythical Creature (Sculpture)
  • Week 7    Building an Art Museum at Central Park (Architecture)

Daily Academics

Math / ELA / Creative Writing / Vocabulary / Book Discussion

Field Trip Friday

Science & Art Museum / Movie & POP / Trampoline Park / Park Ourdoor Activities Swimming Pool & More

Tuition & Fees

Steam Tuition.jpg
- Minimum 2-weeks of registration required. 
- Registration Fee:  
- Hot Lunch (optional) $55/week
  • Current Student $0

  • Returning Student $25

  • New Student $50

  • Early Bird Registration: To enjoy additional discounts, payment must be made in full by March 30 (10% off) or April 30 (5% off).
  • Ticket costs for field trips are not included. Packed lunch or lunch fee must be provided during trips.
  • Schedule may change due to adverse weather conditions or factors beyond our control.
  • Robotics Kit must be individually perchased. Kits will be taken home at the end of the program.

Why Choose Our Summer Camps?

1. Experienced Instructors in Art and STEM:

Our camp is led by skilled instructors in art and STEM, combining rich knowledge with extensive experience working with kids. This ensures a complete STEAM education that's not only informative but also enjoyable for our young learners.

2. Creative Environment:

Our studio provides a safe and supportive environment for campers to freely express themselves and take risks.

3. Diverse Range of Activities:

From coding and robotics to arts and design, our camp offers a diverse range of activities to cater to a broad spectrum of interests, ensuring every camper finds something they're passionate about. we also help students stay academically strong, preventing any summer slide.

4. Small Group Size for Personalized Attention:

We keep our groups small to give each student personalized attention. This creates an intimate learning space where students actively participate, ask questions, and receive individual guidance. It's the key to a more focused and enriching educational experience.

Limited Spots Available!

Join the Fun at our STEAM & Grow and Art Intensive Summer Camps! Spaces are limited, so make sure to secure your spot today. Just click the button below to reserve your place.
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