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Junior Artmuse (3rd to 5th Grades)

$192 / 4weeks ( $45/80mins + $12 material fee)

*tuition includes all materials

Junior Artmuse Advanced (5th to 8th)

$268 / 4weeks  ( $67/2hrs , $100/3hrs)

*tuition includes ONLY basic drawing materials
The Junior Artmuse Regular Course is created to assist young artists in building a solid foundation in art and enhancing their creativity from an early age. In this course, students will learn traditional drawing techniques as well as experimental and expressive art-making methods to explore and bring their creative ideas to life. We strive to provide a supportive and nurturing environment that will cultivate a lifelong passion for art in our students. Through this program, students can acquire fundamental skills and refine their techniques to further enhance their artistic abilities.

Art High School Prep

7th to 9th Grades ($35/hr)

2 hr sessions ($70 / session)
3 hr sessions ($105 / session)
4 hr sessions ($140 / session)


*tuition includes ONLY basic drawing materials

Students will join the ranks of numerous prior Artmuse students who have been accepted to prestigious NYC art high schools including Fiorello H. Laguardia High School, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Art and Design High School, and more through essential skill building exercises designed for students aspiring to enter an art high school, developing crucial fundamental skills that are sought after by admissions officers.
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