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Student Registration

Parent / Guardian Information

Student Information

Class Option

Check class times that work for you
Check class times that work for you
Check class times that work for you

Initial Art Materials (required at registration)

*Strathmore Heavy Weight Sketchbook 11 x 14 ($15) *Canson Drawing Sketchbook 9 x 12 ($15)
*Strathmore Heavy Weight Sketchbook 14 x 17 ($20) *Canson Drawing Sketchbook 9 x 12 ($15)
Artmuse Apron and Over-sleeves ($35)

Payment Options

Studio policies 

Thank you for applying to Artmuse. The following are the academy policies that streamline the administrative process at Artmuse, and help in maximizing our focus on your child’s art-making experience. Please read carefully before registration.



  • Students must be enrolled for a minimum of one 4-week session of classes.

  • Students enrolled for classes are assumed to renew their classes every 4 weeks unless a notice of cancellation is given via text or email before the registered final 4-week session begins.

  • Tuition for each 4-week session is due before the first lesson of each 4-week session. Once your payment is received, the invoice will automatically indicate the payment.

  • If you choose to make non-recurring payments by cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, etc., a deposit of $100 is required. The deposit will be credited to the final 4-week tuition ONLY upon prior notification before the final 4-week period begins.

  • If you choose to make recurring payments by credit card, no deposit is required. However, a 4-week prior notice must be given before the final payment is received in order to terminate the recurring payment.

Required Materials, Fees, & Discounts

  • A Material Fee of $18 will be included in the invoice of each 4-week session for Little ArtMuse students.

  • For all other classes, including Junior ArtMuse (4th and 5th grades), Senior ArtMuse (6th to 12th grades), Art Enables, and Amateur Artist, basic dry materials (4B pencils, drawing erasers, pens and markers etc.) are included. Sketchbooks (Strathmore 14X17 heavyweight and Canson drawing sketchbook 9X12) must be purchased for the first class. Other materials such as canvases, clay, paints, etc., may be purchased or charged according to individual project's needs.

  • Aprons and oversleeves are available for sale at Artmuse; if you wish to make purchases, please feel free to contact me.  (3-6 year-olds: small = $28 / 7-10 year-olds: medium = $35 / 11 year-olds and above: large = $40)

  • Sibling discounts will be offered if you enroll more than one child. Sibling discount for your second and third child will be 5% off the tuition.

Attendance & Make-up Policy

  • All absences must be notified 24 hours in advance of the scheduled class. Makeup for a missed class must be scheduled for within 30 days of the original class date and will not be credited towards the next month’s invoice even if the makeup is scheduled in the next month. Lessons in group classes are sequential by the week, so it is important for all students to come during their scheduled classes, and schedule their make-up within the week of their absence.

  • Student drop-off and pick-up times must be followed as scheduled to minimize disruption of class. Drop-offs must be no earlier than 5 minutes before the beginning of each lesson, and pick-ups must be no later than 5 minutes after the end of each lesson.

  • Activity clothes are strongly recommended as they can be soiled with paint and/or other art materials that may be difficult to wash out. Aprons / over-sleeves, extra large t-shirts as an over-wear, or other protective clothings may also be worn.

  • Art Muse retains the right to use photos & videos of students for informational & promotional purposes. Photos of students’ activities are periodically posted online. Visit us at Instagram and our website to check out our students’ fun and exciting art-making experience!

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