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About Art Muse Art Studio

The foundations of Art Muse Art Studio first began in 1998 in Palisades Park, NJ as a workshop to nurture childhood dreams of becoming an artist; today, it continues that tradition in two sister art studios in NJ and NY, producing numerous aspiring art graduates each year.

Our graduates produce impactful, inspiring portfolios that consistently lead to high rates of matriculation to top art colleges and high schools on merit-based scholarships as well as success at top art competitions.

Each student works with the teacher individually from idea to finished work, and college/high school consultation are readily offered to all students as requested. It is our creed to bring out the full potential of every student through the establishment of close rapport in the student/teacher relationship. At Art Muse Art Studio, we are dedicated to ensure that future artists are provided with all the tools they need to see their dreams mature into reality.

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