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Senior Artmuse ( 9th to 12th Grade)

2hrs : $280 / 4 weeks ($35/hr)
3hrs : $420 / 4 weeks ($35/hr)

* The tuition includes ONLY basic drawing materials

Our Senior Artmuse Regular course is designed for teenagers who have an interest in art and want to develop their fundamental skills in art and design. The course covers a variety of topics and subjects based on the student's interests and skill level. Each student will receive one-on-one instruction to work on unique projects tailored to their experience level, whether they are beginners, intermediate, or experienced. Our creative and cozy studio environment, with small class sizes, inspires students to discover their artistic and creative potential through exposure to various visual art techniques and mediums. Students can choose to focus on a specific medium or explore a variety of mediums during the course. Available subjects of focus include traditional drawing, painting, basic sculpture with clay/wood, mixed media, and more.

College Prep & Portfolio (10th & Up)

2 hr sessions ($80 / session)
3 hr sessions ($120 / session)
4 hr sessions ($155 / session)

* 5% discount will be applied if 12 weeks of tuition is paid at once.


* Students need to purchase his/her own materials

From idea generation to completion, students will work closely with the staff to maximize their strengths and build upon their weaknesses with the goal of building a robust and impactful portfolio personalized to their college of choice. The aim is to present a cohesive narrative through artworks that showcase not only the unique personality of the students but also their strong potential to succeed in professional artistic fields.
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