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Afterschool Registration

Student Information

Parent/Guardian1 Information

Parent/Guardian 2 Information

Student Medical Information

Other Authorized Pickup / Emergency Contact

Enrollment Agreement

Your registration is complete! 

The Payment Process

The parent/guardian of the above student must be prepared to pay in full all costs associated with the registration, which may or may not include the monthly tuition, transportation fees, deposit (first month only), and any other fees incurred. 


The invoice for all charges incurred toward the above student’s enrollment in the Art Muse Afterschool Program will be issued monthly for the upcoming month. The parent/guardian is responsible for identifying the due date and ensuring that the payment is made by the due date.


Any changes made to the bill will be notified in advance before the invoice is issued. The parent/guardian must notify the program admin one month prior to withdrawal from the program to allow the deposit to be deducted from the final month’s tuition. If the student quits without notice at the end of the month, the deposit will be forfeited; if the student quits during the month, the remaining days are not refundable, but may be used as credit for any future classes at Art Muse.


Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. For safety, only the parent/guardian/authorized pickup as noted in the registration form may sign out the student from the program. Any non-listed pickup persons must be notified in writing to the program (text, email, or signed letter from the parent/guardian) prior to pickup. Please be prepared for possible ID checks during student pickup.

  2. Regular student pickup is at 6 pm. Students picked up after 6:15 pm will be considered late, and a late pickup penalty of $5 per 5 minutes will be charged in the next month’s invoice.

  3. In cases of accidents, illnesses, or medical emergencies, the parent/guardian will be immediately notified for procedural advice. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached in a timely manner, Art Muse and its designees are authorized by the parent/guardian to obtain necessary emergency care or treatment for the student. The parent/guardian waives and releases Art Muse and its designees from all liability and costs associated with any accidents, illnesses, and medical emergencies. The parent/guardian or the medical insurance carrier of the parent/guardian will be responsible for any expenses incurred from accidents, illnesses, or medical emergencies.

  4. Art Muse reserves the right to dismiss any student who, upon careful consideration and examination, is deemed a safety hazard to other students and/or staff at the program, or is deemed unfit or unwilling to abide by reasonable behavioral expectations of the program.

  5. The parent/guardian grants Art Muse the right to take and use videotapes and photos of the student above for promotional purposes.

  6. Students are discouraged from bringing any valuable items (jewelry, toys) to the premises of the program. Students are solely responsible for any loss or damage to all items brought to Art Muse premises.

  7. A $5 charge per day will be billed for late payments past the due date.

  8. A processing fee of $35 will be charged for each returned check.

  9. The parent/guardian must reimburse Art Muse for any property damage caused by the student above.

  10. The deposit will be charged for returning students after withdrawal, unless notice is given prior to withdrawal that the student will return within 3 months.

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