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Little Artmuse

Arts & Crafts

Our curriculum changes each month, and it covers a variety of topics that aim to not only teach basic artistic skills but also to broaden artistic knowledge, and to allow our students to have a lot of fun!

Students engage in communicating ideas through art, learning to develop their artworks creatively and methodically through drawing, painting, and sculpting activities. Students familiarize themselves with a wide range of art materials and tools through projects varying from jewelry and fashion design, mixed-media art, pop art, illustration, traditional animation, etc. 
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Pre-k & kindergarten
$40/ 60 mins + $18 monthly material fee

Grade 1 - 3

$43/ 80 mins + $18 monthly material fee

*One month's tuition is due on the first day of class each month.

*5% discount will be applied if 3 months of tuition is paid at once.

*The tuition includes ONLY basic drawing & watercolor painting materials.

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